Audiobook TBR [April 2018]

I recently realized that as I couldn't bring all my books to school with me, that I should just use audiobooks to "read" the books that I own, but don't have the physical copies of with me at school. I just found out about Scribd (why did nobody tell me about this site before?!!) and … Continue reading Audiobook TBR [April 2018]

October Wrap Up & November TBR

I had a really great reading month this October! I made good use of my time between classes to read (and admittedly, in one of my classes) and made good progress on my TBR! So, my October wrap up includes: Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga (3 Stars) Review here! Simon Vs. the Homo … Continue reading October Wrap Up & November TBR

Overrated/overhyped Books

I usually am a fan of the books that have hype because I do understand they are probably hyped up for a reason, but there are a few books that I did not enjoy, even if they are widely loved by the bookstagram/book blogger community. Gonna get right into it!  Throne of Glass I did … Continue reading Overrated/overhyped Books

Used Book Stores

After buying these 4 books from my favourite used book store for only $20, I don't know If I will ever feel good about buying a full priced book ever again 😅 Honestly though, If you have a used book store near you, take advantage of it! It's also a really great thing to donate … Continue reading Used Book Stores

Favourite Book to Movie/TV adaptations

Being not only a huge book worm, but a giant film nerd, I knew I would have to eventually post a favourite book adaptions post. If a book I have read has been adapted, I will 100% be watching it, and hopefully loving it! Get ready for another 4am post on here! Not sure why … Continue reading Favourite Book to Movie/TV adaptations

A Fresh Start

So much is happening! It's been a very busy past week, my grad week. It started off on Monday with prom, and ran through every day with events leading up to Friday, my graduation. It's such a weird feeling to graduate. Knowing that the past 13 years in school are all over, and now you're … Continue reading A Fresh Start

Books I Need In My Bookshelf

Anybody else have those certain books that you have had your eye on for ages, and you know you should buy it, but you always end up getting something else? I don't know why this keeps happening to me. Usually it's books that have been on my tbr for so long, and then a new … Continue reading Books I Need In My Bookshelf

Summer Reading Goals – 2016

Summer is finally here! I say this as I'm sitting here staring out the window of my apartment, where nothing is visible thanks to the copious amounts of fog we've been experiencing. I'm (not so patiently) waiting for some good weather! Since I finished this school year a month earlier than I have before thanks … Continue reading Summer Reading Goals – 2016