Favourite Strong Literary Female Leads

I'm always looking for a novel with a strong, badass, smart female main, and sometimes it's hard to find such a character, but here is a list of some of my favourites! Hermione Granger - Harry Potter One of the best, I have always looked up to Hermione, and now that i'm finally reading the … Continue reading Favourite Strong Literary Female Leads

Summer Reading Goals – 2016

Summer is finally here! I say this as I'm sitting here staring out the window of my apartment, where nothing is visible thanks to the copious amounts of fog we've been experiencing. I'm (not so patiently) waiting for some good weather! Since I finished this school year a month earlier than I have before thanks … Continue reading Summer Reading Goals – 2016

REVIEW | The Raven King 

Long time no see! It's been an exciting past few days. I finished my final IB exam on the 18th, and now i'm completely done high school! My graduation day is June 10th and I couldnt be more ready to graduate and more to Toronto! Since I finished those 3 weeks of exams, I had … Continue reading REVIEW | The Raven King