WhatWrenWatches: A (Late) TIFF 2018 Recap

I've been watching to incorporate from film related posts on here for a little bit and thought this would be an interesting topic to kick this little section of the blog! Say hello to WhatWrenWatches! The Toronto International Film Festival is something I attend every year, and this year it ran from September 6th - … Continue reading WhatWrenWatches: A (Late) TIFF 2018 Recap

10 of My Favourite Underrated Female Directed Films

Excited to be writing my first film related post on this blog! I used to write film reviews, but I never continued because I find them really difficult to write. I also don't enjoy reading reviews usually, so writing them wasn't ideal. September 7-17 is TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and it has gotten me … Continue reading 10 of My Favourite Underrated Female Directed Films