(Discussion) I Finally Read Percy Jackson, Here’s What I Thought

The Percy Jackson books were released at the perfect time for me to read them in elementary and middle school, but as you can tell by this post, I never read them. I was too busy reading a new Warriors book every day in elementary school, and then I stopped reading when I was in … Continue reading (Discussion) I Finally Read Percy Jackson, Here’s What I Thought

A Look Ahead: My Reading Goals For the Rest of the Year

So there is only just over a week left in September, which means there are only about 3 months left of 2017! As most of you can understand, school takes a lot of time out of my reading schedule and I only have a couple times a week where I can sit down and read for … Continue reading A Look Ahead: My Reading Goals For the Rest of the Year

Spontaneous Book Haul!

I was once again the victim of the bargain shelf at Chapters... https://www.instagram.com/p/BXdeWtnApW5/?taken-by=wrenandbooks So yes, I picked up 5 books the other day, and I am SUPER excited about the ones I picked up. The books I got: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson Wink Poppy Midnight … Continue reading Spontaneous Book Haul!

Summer Reading Goals – 2017

I had noticed that I did a summer reading goals post last year, and thought it'd be nice to make another one of these! It's actually exactly a year ago that I wrote that post in 2016 as I'm writing this, but this post will be going up a day later 🙂 So, this year, … Continue reading Summer Reading Goals – 2017

5 Series I Won’t Finish

I'm the kind of person that very easily forgets what happens in the first book of a series by the time the next book comes out, so series are truly a struggle for me. It seems like nowadays all YA books are in a series and I find it a little stressful because I read … Continue reading 5 Series I Won’t Finish