My Name is Lauren, I am 19 years old and I live in Canada!

I’m a university student doing quite a strange mix of programs: a major in film studies with a double minor in english literature and human geography. I have been in the bookstagram and book blogging community for three years now.

I love books, films, and the ocean. Every year, I set out to watch as many movies and read as many books as I can, in order to balance out my academic life with the things I enjoy. I am also an aspiring film editor and cinematographer, and started the pursuit of reaching my goal of entering the film industry by moving to Toronto, Ontario in 2016.

About this blog:

What Wren Reads is a Young Adult book blog which focuses on a wide variety of genres. On this blog, reviews are posted on almost every book I read, and are always honest. As an avid reader, I believe reviewing books is a perfect way to think critically about the stories they tell, and is also a great way to spread a love of reading.

I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I enjoy writing for it.


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