One Year of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Movie

One year ago today, on August 17th, 2018, the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie released on Netflix!

I somehow still remember the day very clearly, as I was quite excited for the release. I read the book a few weeks before as it had been recommended to me over and over and I enjoyed it, although at the time I said I probably wouldn’t read the rest of the series (that changed quickly)

To All The Boys I've Loved Before | It’s one of Hollywood’s few rom-coms with an Asian lead. Story about a young woman whose ethnicity isn’t crucial to the plot. Based on best-selling book. | Netflix

I watched the film, loved it, and decided I actually DID want (*cough* need) to read the rest of the series, so I finished the other two before the end of the summer!

The series is not perfect, it’s not my favourite book trilogy of all time, but it’s charming and heart warming. It was the perfect summer contemporary and I loved reading them. I fell in love with Lara Jean and her family, and both the movie and the books take up a special place in my heart.

The movie, in particular, I have probably seen over 40 times. NOW, I know that sounds crazy, but let me explain. I rewatched TATBILB soon after watching it for the first time, yet I didn’t start watching it a ton until about a month later. In September, I had some very large life changes and was really struggling. I realized that when I put this movie on as I was going to bed, I had a much easier time falling asleep with the quiet dialogue and the dim, yet colourful, lights bouncing of my walls. It became a nightly tradition to put it on as I went to sleep, and it helped me for a very long time.

The movie was perfect for this kind of thing. I had seen it enough to feel like the visuals and dialogue didn’t demand my attention, but I enjoyed it enough that I didn’t get sick of it by having it on in the background all the time. It is one of the only movies that I feel this way about (prior to TATBILB, my go to bedtime viewing was B99, and still is every once in a while).

The more I watch it, the more I fall in love with Lara Jean, her family, and her friends.

The stylistics of the film itself are fantastic. The colour palette that flows throughout each scene is beautiful, and the set design from the school to the diner to Lara Jean’s bedroom is stunning. Teen movie bedrooms are some of the most interesting sets, and Lara Jean’s has to be one of my favourites of all time.


Whether I love this movie as much as I do because it came into my life at the perfect moment, or because I read & enjoyed the books, or just because I think it is enjoyable as a movie on it’s own (or maybe all of the above), I can’t ignore the fact that it has had an impact on me.

When film is such a large part of my life, I can’t avoid movies that affect me in such a way as TATBILB. You don’t need to have a pretentious taste in film to feel like a “real” movie lover, all you need is to find the movies that speak to you and make you feel, whether is be happy, sad, excited etc.

thank you so much for reading my rambling about this movie, and let me know what you’re comfort show or movie is (if you have one)!

xo Wren

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