I Finished the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy (A Reading Recap)

I’ve realized recently that I’ve read very few series, and have finished even less. So along with deciding to read The Mortal Instruments (which I am on book 3 rn!) I decided to read the rest of the TATBILB series!

I read the first book before the movie came out and when I finished it I had no intention to read the other books. BUT… I loved the movie so much I had to read the next books, so I went out and got the 2nd and 3rd! I finished the 3rd, Always and Forever Lara Jean on Friday (the 21st of Dec) and I thought instead of just posting a review for it, I’ll do a post of my thoughts of the series as a whole!


Which book was my favourite?

When I went through Goodreads I noticed most people rated the last book the highest, and especially among my friends on GR they seemed to like the last more than the others. Because of this, I was really excited going into the last book because I really enjoyed 1 and 2, so my expectations were really high after seeing other peoples ratings. Unfortunately, I think the last book was my least favourite of the 3.

I found AaFLJ significantly more cringey than the other 2. I don’t know exactly what is was, but the dialogue just felt a lot more embarrasing than the other books. I also wasn’t a big fan of the wedding storyline, I would’ve rather the book continue to focus mostly on the Song girls and their lives instead of their dad’s engagement/wedding. Although it wasn’t a huge chunk of the book, I found it still to be a bit too much. Plus, I wasn’t a big fan of Trina and her friends.

So, all that said, my favourite book would probably be two. The love triangle in that would would get a bit annoying, but I did like John Ambrose McClaren so I loved seeing him have a major role in the book. I kinda wish he had stayed in the story a bit more in the last book than he did.


My Favourite Characters

Kitty, of course, is a personal favourite character. I’m sure many people have similar opinions but I just found her wittiness a nice change of pace against the other dialogue and plot. She was adorable yet emotional, and just so much fun.

I didn’t pay much attention to Chris in the 2nd book but loved her in the 1st and 3rd! I love the moment in AaFLJ when they take a spontaneous road trip because it’s everything I wish I could do hahaha. She is so interesting and such a great foil for Lara Jean, I love the way their personalities interact.

The Movie vs the Books

In all honesty, I do prefer the TATBILB movie over the books, so I am very much looking forward to the next movie. I do worry about it though, I can see the hype of the first book really affecting the quality of the second movie, and it just becoming 2 hours of fan service.

If they stick as closely to the book as possible and don’t over exaggerate the parts of the first movie that people loved, I think it’ll be a great sequel. I’d love to have the whole trilogy adapted.

I’m hoping to do a similar post to this when I finish The Mortal Instruments and any other series in the future. I really do want to read some longer series because I often get overwhelmed by the size of some series, so maybe my new year’s resolution will be to focus on series’!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season/winter break, and I hope you all are able to find some quality reading time.

xo wren

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