Popular Books I Didn’t Like

I LOVE hearing what books other people don’t like for some reason, but I never felt like I read enough books I didn’t like to make a whole post about it, until now hehehe.

Recently I read 2 books that I actually could not stand at all, like it was painful to finish them, and both are really anticipated upcoming releases. So, naturally, I had to make a post like this oops.

I’m gonna start off with older books and then end with the two I just mentioned!

Firstly, the Three Dark Crowns series. This was one of the first really popular YA books that I really did not like.  It was getting a ton of praise at the time (although I think it has died down and most people seem to agree with my opinions on it now) and I was so confused as to why I didn’t like it if everyone else did. My opinions don’t often stray from the opinions of people I follow around book twitter/insta/youtube, but this was one of the exceptions to that. I wrote a review on the first two books if you would like to read my thoughts, although, they are quite old reviews so they are probably very bad (go easy on me haha) REVIEW: Three Dark Crowns // REVIEW: One Dark Throne 

Next up is Flame in the Mist! It is a little unfair to say I didn’t like it at all because It was enjoyable at parts, but It just did not draw my interest one bit. Its been a while since I read this and remember none of it, so it is quite a forgettable story. I really like Ahdieh’s writing and enjoyed her other book, The Wrath and the Dawn, but I find her novels don’t draw me in enough to want to read the later books in her series’. I tried to read The Rose and the Dagger, but struggled and couldn’t get through it because I had forgotten what had happened in the first book. I am expecting the same to happen to me for the 2nd book of the Flame in the Mist series, so I don’t think I will be reading it, unfortunately.

Was this book popular? The next book I didn’t enjoy was Black Widow: Forever Red. I was really excited about this when I first bought it but ended up being really disappointed. I’m a huge marvel fan and hearing about this book made me realize how many Marvel YA books there are and how many upcoming ones are being published! This plot fell short to what I was expecting, and I remember black widow hardly even being in this one. The general consensus on Goodreads is REALLy mixed, so at least I am not completely alone in my opinion ahaha.

Onto the more recent books:

Red Queen. Going to be really quick with my thoughts on this one because a lot of people are starting to feel the same way now as well. I really enjoyed the first book in the series but it was also when I just started reading again and it was like the first YA book I read in YEARS. The tropes were all new to me and I loved the fantasy. When the second book rolled around I completely lost interest. The wait between books was long enough that I completely forgot the story and characters, so I never continued this series.

What If It’s Us is one of the two books I mentioned in the beginning. Guys, I REALLY didn’t like this one. I was so disappointed. I go in-depth in my review HERE. I’m worried that my opinion will be super unpopular, but I have spoken to other reviewers who had the same problems with it as me, so I’m holding out hope! Adam Silvera is one of my favourite authors of all time so I am still upset that this let me down 😦

Lastly, Wildcard. Yes, I know, I was CRAZY excited for this too and I loved the first book. But ooooohhhhh boy was this one a mess. I actually still haven’t finished it but I do only have about 50 pages left (thankfully because this is taking me ages to read) I will be writing a review so I will link that here when It is up, but in the meantime be sure to look out for it in the next few days. I’ve actually been keeping notes for my review for this one so I am really going to work hard on getting my thoughts across as clearly as possible.

oof I wrote more than I thought I would, so it seems there are books I really didn’t like than I remembered!

Let me know if any of these you agree or disagree with! I wanna hear all your opinions! Also I’d love to know the popular book you dislike the most 😉

xo Wren

9 thoughts on “Popular Books I Didn’t Like

  1. For me it’s Ready Player One. I thought the book was alright, but the amount of people that say it’s like the best book ever makes me hate it, haha.

    Also, The Magicians. I could barely make it through the first book. I’ve heard the first book is crap and that the rest of the series is great, but I can’t bring myself to keep reading a series full of characters I hate.

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    1. I read RP1 a little while ago and liked it at the time, but I think if I reread it now I wouldn’t enjoy it as much!
      I never read the magicians, but I had started the tv show when it first aired and couldn’t get into it 😂


  2. I completely agree about Red Queen. I haven’t read The rest of these books, though Three Dark Crows is on my TBR. I was disappointed by a couple of popular books lately. For example The Cruel Prince, Children of Blood and Bone and The Raven Boys.

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    1. I’m still bummed about RQ because it was what got me into YA books and bookstagram so it sucks I don’t love it :/ Thats too bad to hear you didn’t like raven boys! One of my favourite series. I still need to read Cruel Prince and CoBaB soon though, both really high up on my tbr


      1. Sadly, I can’t get into Maggie Stiefvater’s books. She has a beautiful writing style, but something about her stories is just not working out for me. I hope you will have better experience with The Cruel Prince and CoBaB than I did. Happy reading ❤️

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