ARC Review: Final Draft by Riley Redgate


Final Draft By Riley Redgate
Published: June 12, 2018 (Amulet)
Pages: 272
GenreYoung AdultContemporary,

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“Have you ever had a day that felt like it changed the trajectory of your entire life?” 


This is one of the most beautifully crafted and written books I have read this year, if not ever. 
I’ve suddenly lost my ability to write words because this book took my breath away.

PLEASE read this book, but also, prepare yourself for being an emotional mess because I WAS NOT PREPARED.

First off, this is one of the only times I’ve read a book and felt the need to highlight phrases. There are so many incredible quotes in here that I found myself highlighting something all.the.time.

I did not expect myself to relate to this story as much as I did. I am not someone who is very into creative writing at this time but my god did I relate to Laila on so many levels. In high school, I also had a teacher who guided me entirely through my last 2 years in school. I don’t know what I would have done without her, and I am still very close with her. I owe her a lot for what she did for me in that time and what she continues to do for me. Laila’s relationship with her creative writing teacher really resonated with me and my experiences, and I loved their relationship to pieces.

The reason I took .5 off was mainly because Laila’s friends often frustrated me. They made constant sarcastic comments about how she isn’t adventurous, never went out, or wasn’t very fun. And if Laila did want to go out, they all acted fake shocked and made a huge deal about it. This is more of a personal opinion rather than one I would expect others to be annoyed about because this is something that happens to me consistently. I, like Laila, am often the subject of the “oh my GOD ___ actually wants to go out?” joke, and I didn’t really enjoy reading Laila’s friends do this all time. Her friends should have been more supportive of her talent and passion for writing and should have understood that she may not be interested in the same things they are.

If you are a writer you will LOVE this book. It is full of the complexities, hardships and upsides of creative writing and it is all dealt with beautifully. With all the insights into Laila’s mind as a writer, she became this incredibly well crafted and well rounded main character, carrying this book all the way to its beautiful end.

(p.s, another upside: pan MC) 

This story is an incredible coming of age story and exactly what I wanted to read right now. I would HIGHLY recommend this book, especially to those of you who are writers.

Final Draft releases on June 12, 2018

You can find this review on Goodreads here

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