The Graphic Novel Edition: Mini-Reviews of the First Volumes of 4 Graphic Novels

For some reason I was in a HUGE mood to read graphic novels a few weeks ago, so after a long search through websites to see where I could order a few for the cheapest price, I picked up some from book depository. This was probably brought on by the fact that I bought the first volume of Saga at a local record store after hearing it be related to Star Wars, I then that night ordered vol 2 of Saga, vol 1 of paper girls, and the first 2 volumes of Lumberjanes.

These were all graphic novels I had heard tons about, and I had previously read Nimona so Lumberjanes was definitely a series I wanted to get into eventually. There was no better time than now for me to read a bunch of graphic novels as I am currently in a graphic novels class for school (hence why Batwoman is on this mini reviews list, read it for class!)

Paper Girls Vol 1

I’m a little unsure on how I feel about this one. I rated 4 stars on goodreads but I found myself getting confused at some points. While I was reading it I was hesitant on whether I liked it or not but the ending really made the whole story worth it for me. Also, the art in Paper Girls is INCREDIBLE. The colouring is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and honestly that alone made it worth it to read. I will probably be reading vol 2 at some point, but I don’t feel like I’m in any rush right now to do so.

Lumberjanes Vol 1

This was probably my favourite out of the 4! I had so much fun reading this and it went by so quickly. Sometimes with graphic novels I find they can drag and I end up getting bored toward this end, but this was not the case with Lumberjanes! I immediately read vol 2 after finishing this. The characters are all adorable and the fantasy elements in this story just made it such an enjoyable read. I’m gonna buy the next volume ASAP.

Saga Vol 1

Another one I’m a little unsure of. Saga is definitely more complex than the others, so I found it quite confusing at times. I do own the second one, but I’m yet to read it. Unlike something like Lumberjanes, it’s not a very quick read, I really do need to take my time while going through this because the setting, characters and plot are so complex (which is a good thing!!) that if I speed through it I will have absolutely no clue what I just read. I’m hoping to get to vol 2 pretty soon, I feel like once I get more into the story I will LOVE this series.

Batwoman: Elegy

This is a bit of an outlier because I read this for a class, but I still wanted to include it anyway because it is very rare that I actually enjoy something I was assigned to read for a class. This is a very quick, short graphic novel that has incredible art. I also didn’t know anything about Batwoman (or DC in general) so this was a really great entry into the DC universe. The villain was also one of the highlights for this, definitely a super interesting antagonist and I’m not sure if there are more volumes in this series, but I really hope there is because I would love to read them! Batwoman is also the only superhero comic I’ve read that is focused on a queer protagonist. Kate Kane being a lesbian without being riddled with stereotypes was so refreshing. The story also mixes in flashback scenes really well, and her entire life story was fascinating to me. I would really recommend this to other people who aren’t big DC fans but would be interested in reading something about one of the DC superheroes.











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