(Discussion) I Finally Read Percy Jackson, Here’s What I Thought

The Percy Jackson books were released at the perfect time for me to read them in elementary and middle school, but as you can tell by this post, I never read them. I was too busy reading a new Warriors book every day in elementary school, and then I stopped reading when I was in middle school.

It wasn’t until last year that I had a sudden desire to read the series or at least the first book.

Over this past summer, I had begun to stress over how busy I would be with school and other events and my reading would be put in the back of my mind. I was so concerned that I would get into a terrible slump like I had last fall and only read a single book from September to the new year.

Fortunately, that has not been the case, I have read more books so far this year than I ever have in a whole year before and I’m really glad I’m keeping up with it. But back in the summer one of my ideas was to read some middle-grade books because of a few reasons:

  1. They are usually cheaper, and the less money I need to spend on a book on my student budget, the better.
  2. They are usually shorter, with larger fonts. I’m not a quick reader, so a short book is a really great motivator for me to read when I know it won’t take me long.
  3. The plot lines tend to be simpler. A middle-grade book would not usually take as much energy to read as say a complex fantasy that I have on my shelf. The lighter the book that I’m reading between two 3 hour lectures just makes my life a little easier.

Moving on from that though, I do want to talk about what I thought of the book. I didn’t want to do a formal review mostly because the book is 12 years old and I’m just going to make an educated guess that nobody REALLY needs another review of this book LOL.

First things first: YES, I enjoyed it!! A lot!

Aside from the fact that I did really enjoy it, I’m really upset I didn’t read this when I was younger. I feel like I would have loved it even more and now I feel like I missed out on something that could have been really meaningful to me. I also feel like if I had read these in middle-school, then maybe I wouldn’t have gone 4 years without reading a book for my own enjoyment like I had.

It really sucks that I was thinking about these things while I was reading it, and I really should enjoy it NOW, because I can’t change the past, but it’s hard not to wonder.

The characters in Percy Jackson are just so lovable. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover were just the perfect main characters and the perfect people to follow on a quest like the one they went on.

Also, can we talk about all the stuff Percy had to deal with? That poor child just having problems thrown at him 24/7, really just wanted to give him a hug tbh.

As it goes with reviews for books I liked, I don’t have much to say besides I LOVED IT AND I JUST WANNA GUSH ABOUT IT. I do, however, really want to have a bit of discussion about it! I’m really curious to hear when other people read PJO, if you liked it, if you didn’t etc. 

I’m also super curious to hear from people who read it both when they were a kid AND when they got older! How did it change for you? did it get better or worse? 

I will most likely be reading the whole series, but am unsure of when I will get to it (hopefully soon). As I said in another post, it’s hard for me to buy books when I’m at school because I have to figure out a way to get them back home on a plane…

anyWHO, that’s all I have to say for now! Definitely, let me know if you have answers to any of those questions I asked or just anything else you wanna say about PJO 🙂



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