October TBR!

Another month, another tbr 🙂

Going to keep this post nice and short so I’ll get right into it! My TBR for October includes:

Ahsoka by E.K Johnston (my current read!)

Warcross by Marie Lu

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I’m only listing 3 books for a couple of reasons:

  • 3 in a month while school is on would be a miracle itself
  • I only have a couple books at school with me that I haven’t read and I don’t want to buy more books anytime soon

So far, I’m really enjoying Ahsoka. I was expecting to love it though because I love the star wars universe so much ahhhh.

Also, I just finished Tash Hearts Tolstoy! (gave it 4/5 stars) I don’t think I will be writing a review for it but I will most likely be writing a review for Ahsoka!
PLUS I’ve been trying to write my TIFF’17 recap but its slow going so far so I don’t know if that will ever be posted. It has been a TON of work because I spent so many days at TIFF, but we shall see if that ever gets posted 🙂

As for now, that is all! Just a quick check in. I’ve gotta get back to some class work now unfortunately.


3 thoughts on “October TBR!

  1. Warcross is literally one that I flew right through! I could barely put it down. Even went as far as going home early from work because I just NEEDED to read, haha. So you might surprise yourself as well on that part!

    Happy reading and good luck with school. 🙂


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