A Look Ahead: My Reading Goals For the Rest of the Year

So there is only just over a week left in September, which means there are only about 3 months left of 2017!

As most of you can understand, school takes a lot of time out of my reading schedule and I only have a couple times a week where I can sit down and read for a bit. This year I’ve been trying to read between classes more because I have a lot of 1 hour gaps in my schedule.

This year has been my best reading year so far. Usually, I fall into a horrible slump in August and don’t finish a book until Christmas time. So far, I’ve been doing really good with reading, and am still making time for it during the school year.

So, my goals:

Right now, I am currently reading Tash Hearts Tolstoy, so I would, of course, love to finish that by the end of the month!

The books I own (that I have at school with me) that I need to get to as well:

  • Ahsoka by E.K Johnston
  •  Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan

I also have some e-arcs that I would love to get to at some point. I have a bunch but only a few I really see myself trying out, either because they interest me the most or they don’t expire soon! Those are:

  • Shadow Girl by Liana Liu
  • Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga
  • Zenith by Lindsay Cummings and Sasha Alsberg

Another one of my goals is to not buy too many books. The issue with me buying books is that eventually, I need to get them home. This means I need to get them in a suitcase when I fly home at some point, most likely when my current lease is up and I’ll need to move in August or September 2018. If I have too many books it’ll be too hard to bring them home and I will need to either find someone who wouldn’t mind taking my books for a little bit or put them in storage. The issue with that is there are books that I will want to bring home, and not keep with me at school. Also, I am planning to study abroad next year and will need all of my stuff back home then.

I have already met my reading goal, but I always set it very low. I’m really excited to see how many books I’ll be able to read this year. It seems to be my best year yet! I got a lot more active and engaged in the book social media community and it has been so much fun so far.

I can’t wait for the rest of the year and all the bookish related things to come 🙂

If you have any reading goals for the rest of the year, let me know! I’d love to hear!



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