I thought this might be an interesting post to write! I’ve done a post about books to movies, and since I haven’t been reading as much this week in order to catch up on some TV shows, I thought a post about which tv shows I’d like to see as a BOOKS could be a lot of fun!

I watch A LOT of tv, and that is not an understatement in the slightest. A lot of these will also be some of my favourite shows, so if you are looking for something new to watch, definitely check one out! If you want to see all the shows I watch, and my favourites, you can check out my TV Time account!

  1. MR. ROBOT : This is my all time favourite show. Technically, there is a tie in book for this show, BUT It’s more of just an extra content thing instead of a novelization. This show would be so much fun to read, and it has everything that would make an awesome novel. It has hackers, amazing characters, incredible writing and so much hidden meaning and fun easter eggs everywhere. Sam Esmail (the writer/director), has a ton of fun hiding details within the show and I think as a book, it would be so cool to be able to spot all these little things.
  2. SENSE8: Sense8 is another one of my top 3 favourite shows, It’s actually probably tied with The Get Down for my second favourite. The characters in this show are SO lovable, and I’m going to miss them so so much after the cancellation of the show. Although I admit this show would be a very long and very confusing book, BUT I think with a good author, it could be amazing. Also, with it’s cancellation, it’s a cool thought to think of the story continuing in a book series, but thats just my desperation for more of Sense8 showing.
  3. REIGN: This is another show that was unfortunately cancelled, but one I have been watching since it started and I’m really sad to see it go. I’d love to see a YA book based off the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Historical dramas can be really fun to read and I think this story in particular could be a really great book! Mary is an incredible, badass and intelligent main character. I would love to see more of her story in the form of a novel.
  4. BATES MOTEL: This is an incredible show with incredible acting. I love that it’s a prequel to Psycho and now i’m obsessed with the character of Norman Bates. If this story was a book, I would read it so fast because it would be such an addicting story (which the show is). Every character is so complex and interesting, they are perfect for a book. The more I think about this show being a book the more I want it AHH.
  5. AGENT CARTER: Last but not least, Agent Carter. Peggy is one of my all time favourite marvel characters, and I think a Marvel book, similar to what they did with the Black Widow book, Peggy’s story could be an amazing book. With a rise in popularity of books about characters from shows or movies (Ahsoka, Wonder Woman etc.) Peggy would be the perfect protagonist for her on book!

I feel like I could go on and on about other shows that I’d love to see, but I limited myself to 5. A quick list of some others that could make good books: Master of None, The Fosters, Jessica Jones and Freaks and Geeks!

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