5 Series I Won’t Finish

IMG_6923I’m the kind of person that very easily forgets what happens in the first book of a series by the time the next book comes out, so series are truly a struggle for me. It seems like nowadays all YA books are in a series and I find it a little stressful because I read a book, and then I hear that another book in the series will be coming out soon and I feel like I should read that as well, but by then so many books have come out that my TBR pile is becoming overwhelmingly large. Because of all this I’ve been trying to stick to standalones, but that has become increasingly difficult with YA books.

These are all the series that I have started, that I will most likely never finish:

  1. Red Queen Series: I started this series summer 2015 and loved the first book, but unfortunately with the gap between the first and second book I completely forgot what had happened in Red Queen, and only made it through about 1/3 of Glass Sword because of my loss of interest in the stories and characters.
  2. The Selection: I have spoken to a lot of people who actually agree with me on this one. I have read the first 4 Selection books, but will not be reading the 5th book, The Crown, because of reviews I have read about the way the main character in that book is written. From what I have heard, it seems like something I would not enjoy, and therefore I am going to stick with just reading the first 4 books.
  3. Black Widow: I really enjoyed Black Widow: Forever Red, but was expecting it to be a standalone. Even though I don’t see myself picking up the next book, Red Vengeance, anytime soon, the cover for it is gorgeous so that may convince me to buy it and give it a read!
  4. Prisoners of Peace: I REALLY wanted to enjoy the first book in the series, The Scorpion Rules, because it takes place in a dystopian version of my small, Canadian city, but I just could not get into it. I believe I got halfway in, but I was just always very confused, I could not keep up with it, and it also got a little strange. Maybe I need to restart it, but I have so many other books on my shelf I need to get to that I just don’t think I will ever get back to it. Also, when I looked up the sequel book, I noticed the cover of it is completely different to the cover of The Scorpion Rules, this seems to be a new pet peeve of mine haha!
  5. Shades of Magic: I’m putting this last because I still have hope in myself to read this, or at least get through the first book. I bought the first book about a year ago and by there are already three (decently long) books out! It’s a little intimidating, but I at least want to read the first book if anything, I’ve heard so many good things that I don’t want the book to just waste away on my shelf!

I’d love to hear whether anyone has read these series and what your thoughts were on them!



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