Books Id Like To See As Movies

I study english literature and cinema studies in university, so books becoming movies is a pretty common thought for me. I also love watching film adaptations of books I’ve read, even though they usually arent the greatest movies, but theres something about watching a book you’ve read take place on a big screen 🙂

Most of these are YA books that I believe, with a good crew, could be really well made films.

Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

This book as a movie would be amazing, I can only imagine the potential it could have with really good casting and a really good score. It’s a beautiful, diverse story that could translate incredibly into a script.

Carry On

Although it would probably be compared too much to Harry Potter, this story is one i imagined as a movie as I was reading it. The pace of it is perfect and could be made with very minimal changes. Also, I would hope that they would be able to make it with a decent budget so that good effects can be used, and it wouldn’t look poorly made. It deserves a big budget production.

The Secret History

This was another one I pictured as a film as I was reading it. This book is not YA, so it could be marketed to a wider age group. Around now would also be the perfect time for a mystery/thriller movie, along with the success of Gone Girl, and the hype around Girl on the Train (both book adaptations). The dynamic characters would be incredible on screen.

The Raven Cycle Series

This series I can picture as either a movie or a tv show. Since its a series, it would have to be a series of movies as well, which doesn’t seem fitting to me for The Raven Cycle, but I think a tv series or mini series would be better suited for the plot and development of the characters. The group dynamic of the character’s is so entertaining and I could watch hours of this story if the casting was good.


Black Widow: Forever Red

Adding this one in because I need a Black Widow movie in my life, not this particular story, but some sort of solo Widow movie, asap. I can’t believe there isn’t one yet, but I am praying one gets made soon. Please Marvel, I’m begging you.

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