Overrated/overhyped Books

I usually am a fan of the books that have hype because I do understand they are probably hyped up for a reason, but there are a few books that I did not enjoy, even if they are widely loved by the bookstagram/book blogger community. Gonna get right into it!

  1.  Throne of Glass
    • I did not like Throne of Glass, mostly because I was ready for this super awesome, badass female assassin to kick butt, but she spends all of book one worrying about dresses. I also am not a fan of (unnecessary) love triangles. Overall, it wasnt what I was hoping.
  2. Paper Towns
    • I do enjoy John Green novels, I really liked Looking for Alaska! But I just could not find it in myself to like Paper Towns as much as his other books. Maybe I need to reread it, but i remember slugging through this one trying to get to the end, I felt it just really dragged on, and I know a lot of people agree on the fact that the ending was not what they were expecting and hoping for!
  3. Eleanor & Park
    • I am definitely a big fan of Rainbow Rowell, if you saw my Carry On review you’ll know its probably one of my favourite, if not my #1 favourite, of the year. Eleanor & Park just had a strange vibe to it for some reason. The ending was definitely not satisfying in my opinion, and I had the feeling throughout the whole book that there was going to be an unsatisfying ending. Maybe that was the feeling she was going for, if so then it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel I could connect with the characters and something always felt a bit off

That’s all I can think of for right now, which I guess is a good thing! A short post today, but wanted to get something up 🙂



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