Favourite Strong Literary Female Leads

I’m always looking for a novel with a strong, badass, smart female main, and sometimes it’s hard to find such a character, but here is a list of some of my favourites!

  1. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter
    • One of the best, I have always looked up to Hermione, and now that i’m finally reading the books I can really appreciate her for the strong and independent leading lady she is.
  2. Athena – The Iliad
    • Im so glad I finally am getting to mention the Iliad in a blog post, it really is an amazing story, and it includes Athena, a greek god who is a very strong figure in mythology. I feel like most people know enough about Athena that I dont have to justify adding her into the list, so I wont go say anything more 🙂
  3. Shahrzad – The Wrath & The Dawn
    1. Shahrzad is one of the fiercest characters ive come to love. She is so incredibly smart and throughout the whole novel she proves just how strong she is. She has all the qualities of both an amazing complex character, and a badass women!
  4. Ava Orlova – Black Widow: Forever Red
    • Ava Orlova, much like Natasha Romanoff, is a hell of a fighter, and tackles all the barriers in her way. Ava goes through so much, in such a short amount of time when she finds out about her tie to the Black Widow, and she is still able to quickly adjust, think, and act with intelligence. I really admired her character in Forever Red.
  5. Blue Sargent – The Raven Cycle
    • Last, but certainly not least, Blue, one of the characters of my favourite YA series. Blue is able to overcome so much, with so little information, surrounded by a group of strange boys, I really admire this about her haha. Honestly though, there is so much mystery in her life, and so many strange things occurs, yet she is able to adapt to any situation and figure out a way to fix things. She’s one smart lady

If anyone knows any other books with strong female leads please recommend them! I’m always on the lookout, and i’m actually looking for an assassin story right now! If you know one please let me know (not Throne of Glass pls)!

Thanks for reading!

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