Ah yes, classic me thinking I can read more than one book at a time. I get a bit bored with one, start another, and then never go back to the first. Its a vicious cycle and it always happens to me!

I was reading The Scorpion Rules, but I realllyyyyy wanted to read The Secret History, which im reading now. I have a feeling im never going to get back to the scorpion rules now, oops. 

I definitely cannot handle two books at once, but I always think I can. 

Moving on though, The Secret History is captivating, I cant stop reading when I sit down to read some. The aesthetic of it is everything I love, and the characters seem to be ridiculously complex, I’m so excited to get deeper into their backgrounds and get to all the twists that everyone says this book has! 

As for the scorpion rules, the story is really different, and I find it really interesting, but there was something about it and it couldn’t catch my attention. When i finish TSH, someone yell at me to finish TSR. please. before I start a darker shade of magic! 

Does this happen to anyone else? (please dont let it be just me) 

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