A Fresh Start

So much is happening! It’s been a very busy past week, my grad week.

It started off on Monday with prom, and ran through every day with events leading up to Friday, my graduation.

It’s such a weird feeling to graduate. Knowing that the past 13 years in school are all over, and now you’re off to the next phase, it’s crazy to me.

I am so excited to move on though, I’ve been waiting forever for some change and I can’t wait for it all to happen. In the fall, I will be moving to Toronto and attending the University of Toronto to study english and film and I couldn’t be more excited (no more math!!).

I am also excited to continue writing bookish posts for this blog, and to continue my love for books.

I want to say congratulations to the class of 2016, and congratulations to anybody who has finished any kind of examinations, take some time and sit down to read! you deserve it! That is exactly what I will be doing until September comes, reading, and marathoning some tv ( on season 3 of Suits, its great)

– Lauren



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