Books I Need In My Bookshelf

Anybody else have those certain books that you have had your eye on for ages, and you know you should buy it, but you always end up getting something else? I don’t know why this keeps happening to me. Usually it’s books that have been on my tbr for so long, and then a new book in a series comes out and that book I originally planned to get next is pushed to the back of my mind.

There are some books in my tbr that this happened to, and there are some that I can just never find in the bookstores near me. Then there are those large hardcovers that I cant lie but say im always turned off by the price, oops.

Here’s a list of of some books that I need, immediately please

  1. Captive Prince: this series has been recommended to me countless times because Of previous books I loved like foxhole court, raven cycle, and Aristotle & Dante. This series seems to be something I would really enjoy, but my issue is I’ve never seen a copy in stores and Im not a big ebook fan! hopefully eventually Ill ens up ordering it online or finding a copy instore!
  2. Harry Potter: Yikes, don’t yell at me. So yeah, never actually read a single line of Harry Potter. I REALLY need to, but I never have the motivation to buy the series and get through it even though I know I’d love it :/ one day it will happen, I promise.
  3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Im listing this one for more of a general point of saying there are a lot of contemporary reads I need to pick up, Including this series as I saw it is becoming a trilogy! I always gravitate more to fantasy and scifi books and I dont really know why because Ive loved every contemporary book Ive read! Especially now that its summer, I really need to get my hands on some!
  4. Passenger: I hear countless good things about this book by Alexandra Bracken! Ive been eying this book for a while now. I had tried to get a free trial for an audiobook service so I could listen to this, but none would accept paypal unfortunately. I saw this in store about a week ago, but told myself I would only buy whatever my gift card would buy, and this book was a little pricey. I believe this will be one of my next purchases!
  5. The Rest of Us Just Live Here: This book has been calling to me, I swear. I honestly cant’t explain why I havent bought it yet, Its the exact story ive been looking for! I also find it calling to me because I actually drafted an outline for a story idea I had, with the exact same concept a few months ago, so now i feel like I NEED to read it!
  6. We Are the Ants (By Shaun David Hutchinson): This cover has drawn me to this book, not gonna lie. Its a gorgeous cover, and when I saw it I was intrigued. The plot actually seems interesting to me, and now im dying to get a hold of a copy! The local bookstore across the street actually carries it, but Ive really been trying to stop spending so much money on books since I own so many I havent read yet 😦

TL;DR – I have too many books I need to buy, and not enough money to buy them

I know for a fact many people are also in this situation, but we will survive, I promise!

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