REVIEW | The Raven King 

Long time no see!

It’s been an exciting past few days. I finished my final IB exam on the 18th, and now i’m completely done high school! My graduation day is June 10th and I couldnt be more ready to graduate and more to Toronto!

Since I finished those 3 weeks of exams, I had the time to finish Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Raven King! I decided I would bring this blog back starting with a review of The Raven King!

This review isn’t going to be so great, I don’t have much experience reviewing books, but I will do my best 🙂

Not a spoiler free review!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/5

I want to start off this rating by saying that i had very high hopes for this book as the finale to the Raven Cycle series, and it met all my expectations! I was so glad that it lived up to all it’s hopes, and after Blue Lily, Lily Blue, which I didn’t find to be that great, i’m glad the series picked up again in the 4th book.

I also felt that there was a lot more explained in this book. In the previous books, especially BLLB I found myself lost quite a bit, and TRK definitely left me a lot less confused about a lot of the magic aspects.

Another little bit I love about this series, is how the author inserts little bits of latin that isn’t translated into english, so if you decide to translate them (as I do) you get an even deeper meaning. This happened a few times when Adam and Ronan would be talking, when you translate the latin phrases that are said, you get another layer of their (beautiful) relationship… Amabo Te.

I’m the biggest supporter of Pynch, and let me say that the way Maggie wrote their relationship was incredible. I could go on about how I absolutely adore the way she writes Adam’s thoughts of Ronan and the other way around. The fact that they first kiss in Ronan’s childhood room was just amazing to me. The way she set up the relationship with all the little hints, and then sprang it on the reader so suddenly was so perfect for their characters as they are all over the place and spontaneous, so why not have their relation be spontaneous as well?

My other favourite bit about TRK, was Henry Cheng. He gave me vibes of Miles Teller’s character in the recent Allegiant movie, a bit of comedic relief with a sarcastic tone. “I thought we were going to Venezuela”  I laughed out loud at that point, my emotions were everywhere with the death of Gansey in that scene and Henry just blurting that out, amazing.

For the ending, I thought it was satisfying, and with the epilogue giving us a sense of what the raven boys and Blue were up to after the events of the book, it was perfect.

My only negative: the lack of Noah. I’m still pretty confused about what happened to him and I felt he got pushed to the side a bit. I love Noah, and wish there could have been a bit more presence of him and his personality in the book.

Overall, amazing book and I would recommend to everyone. The whole series is probably my favourite at the moment.

I’m going to really miss these characters, ESPECIALLY CHAINSAW. I’ve always had a soft spot for chainsaw :’)


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