Out of the slump

I haven’t posted on here in a while and a part of the reason why was I was in a reading slump for a while. This slump was caused by a mix of the lack of time I had to read and struggling to get through a few books I didn’t really enjoy over christmas break and New Years.

I did, however, finally finish 2 books over my spring break while I was doing a service trip in Thailand! Dream Thieves and Messenger of Fear I finished on the way back and I really enjoyed both of them! The piled book on the side of this photo are the ones i bought in Heathrow airport 🙂 

Dream Thieves

The second book of The Raven Cycle series, and my favourite of the 2 I have read so far! This book kept me interested the entire way through and I fell even more in love with all the characters in this sequel. I gotta say though, I have a huge soft spot for Chainsaw, specifically Ronan interacting with Chainsaw. Also I just gotta mention my love for Adam and Ronan and I am praying the rumors of them being canon in the upcoming book is true.

Anyways, this book really furthered the story of the boys and blue and I really really loved the whole plot line of Ronan being able to bring stuff into real life from his dreams, I found that so interesting and I’m so glad it was the main focus of this book. The entire section with Ronan and Kavinsky taking the pills to make them sleep and bringing stuff into the world from their dreams was such a cool concept that I just couldn’t stop reading!

I’m so glad I picked this book up as it got me out of my reading slump and now Im dying to just run over to the bookstore right now to buy the 3rd book!

Messenger of Fear

Messenger of Fear was a short little book, a quick read, but it packs a huge punch and just enough intrigue and plot twists to give it that perfect balance. I finished this in under two hours (which is very impressive for me as I am not typically a fast reader). I picked it up as soon as I boarded my flight from London to home and had finished it very quickly!

I had seen a lot of mixed reviews on this book, and in my opinion, there is not many negative things i can say about this book. I do love how the author didn’t hold back in any of the gory or suspenseful parts of the book because it is YA, that’s something I find often happens and it’s something that always bothers me because I know the descriptions could be so much more vivid and imaginative if the authors didn’t stray from frightful writing. After reading this book, I’ve really been in the mood to read a horror book. I thought the plot twist at the end was really well placed, and even though some people may see it coming, I myself never expected any sort of plot twists so I was very shocked.

I recommend this book for anyone looking for a good, short read, but something that still keeps you engaged in the story!




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