There seems to be a pattern in the genre of books I really enjoy, all of these books I loved and they’re all mythology/classics. I never thought I liked mythological books until i realized how many ive actually read!The Iliad is one of my all time favourites and of course The Song of Achilles follows along with my love for the iliad, TSOA was one of my favourite books of the year along with The Martion! 

Also, beowulf I need to reread, i read it about 3 or 4 years ago and really enjoyed it so looking forward to reading Tolkien’s translation of it!

I was up really late last night (3am oops) rereading book 16-18 of the Iliad, aka the most heartbreaking books of the entire epic, and it wad a horrible idea 😂 I was a mess of emotions. 

The Gospel of Loki is a great read for any Loki fans as well as anyone who enjoys books from the villains point of view, or even fans of books with unreliable narrartors! I enjoyed it, I found it a bit slow/long, but overall im glad i read this (i think i read it in july or august 2015). 

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!! 


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