November Book Buys & Wrap-Up

The month of November was a pretty big month for me, book buying wise. Even though it was one of the slowest reading months for me (school was very hectic) but it is slowing down now and Ill have a lot more time for reading! 

Purchases Include 

  • The Scorpion Rules
  • The Iliad (New Copy)*
  • The Song of Achilles* 
  • Carry On
  • The Heir
  • The Legacy of Kings
  • Ms Marvel #1
  • Mockingbird #1
  • The Mighty Thor #1

(not shown)

  • Forever Red
  • Civil War #1

(italics = Comics, * = Rebuy or already read before buying) 

This month I finished The Girl on the Train, Ru, and The Raven Boys for books and I finished Civil War, Fallen Son #1-5, Civil War: The Confession, Civil War Epilogue, Ms Marvel vol1, The Mighty Thor vol1, and Mockingbird vol1 for comics! 

Im hoping ill be able to get a lot more reading done over christmas break, maybe I will finally read Harry Potter 😬. 

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