I’ve been hardcore binge-reading all of the Civil War comics (there’s like 80ish and I intend to read them all 😅). I’m so in love with this story line and I love seeing all of the characters all together in one story line. I’ve also been reading them in anticipation for the movie in may, which ive come to realize will be completely different from the comic, but I can tell it’s going to be amazing and I cant wait! 

After (sadly) finishing Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye series, my favourite comic book series, I knew I had to start something new  so I decided on civil war. I started with the main story since i bought the physical copy, but then i moved on to all the side stories and am currently following the suggested reading order from Marvel and reading them online! So far I’ve loved Civil War: The Confession (even though it broke my heart) 

In conclusion I will never be able to choose a side (at least until i see the movie). If I HAD to choose, my decision would be based off the comics and I would be team iron man, but I think most people who read the comics would agree.

I really recommend these comics! 

Now back to my binge-reading instead of completing my huge assignment for tomorrow (oops) 



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