Library Trips

I am constantly at the library, but not to do what i actually want to do, which is read. Instead, i am constantly studying here which is incredible unfortunate. 

My city built a brand new library just last year and it’s beautiful, but I never get to come and browse the books as i wish i could 😦 Im always here doing homework or working on any kind of school work + university applications. Which is the last thing i wish i could be doing. 

One of the downsides to this library though is the lack of seating. Its a 5 story library and im usually spending 20 minutes circling the floors looking for a seat, which prooves to be incredibly hard especially when Im with a friend or a group of friends when we have to find seats by eachother. 

Anyways, only 2 more weeks left of classes and then im free, and more importantly, only 12 days until i see Star Wars! 😬 

I’ll attach some photos of the library to show you how pretty it really is!

Have a good weekend! 🙂 

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